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Come Sailing With Me!️ ‍ 🌈

August 20th from 4pm to 8pm

Park City Sailing Association, Jordanelle State Park

Dear Friends,

As Park City Sailing Association’s Keeper of the Keelboats, I have a whole fleet of sailboats under my care. It saddens me daily that the most ancient and honorable nautical tradition (being gay) is largely neglected on the Jordanelle. I try my best, but I could use your help, and so it is my pleasure to invite you to come sailing with me!

There is a $20 entry fee to Jordanelle State Park, and it takes some gas to get up Parley's Canyon, so I recommend carpooling! There are no other fees. We'll meet at Jordanelle State Park's Lake View Center near the Personal Watercraft Ramp. There are shaded picnic tables, showers, and bathrooms. I'll have a sailboat at the dock at the bottom of the ramp, and can take 5 to 6 people out at a time.

Things to bring:
Water, snacks or a picnic, other beverages, sunglasses, a hat, flags you'd like to fly, and a PFD (life jacket) if you have one, otherwise I can provide them.

If more than six people show up, we can rotate between the boat and the picnic tables. The sailing experience itself can be anywhere between a captained cruise and an intensive lesson- let me know what you'd like!

(631) 827-5425